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Compact units of modular design for dosage of additives. The fully automated control and state-of-the-art measurement technology ensures that every point of application within the paper production process is provided with the precise quantity of additives.

Nanoparticle dosing unit

Continuous production of an accurately concentrated solution The unit is equipped with diaphragm pumps, MIFs, static mixers, pressure-holding valves, and all other important components. Control and operation are by PLC control and a touch display.

Unit for continuous dosage of a surface sizing

including diaphragm pumps, double filter, overflow valves
fully-automated operation by PLC control with touch display

Dosing unit with two separate dosing lines for the dosage of additives

Each dosing line is equipped with two progressive cavity pumps with different flow rates. The dosing unit is completely controlled and operated by PLC control and touch display. Determination of the flow rate of every pump via MIF. All pumps are protected against running dry and overpressure. Every dosing line can be rinsed separately.

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